Monday, May 9, 2011

ABC Countdown Part 1: A-H

To count down to the end of the year, my teammate (the fabulous Samantha!) created an ABC countdown calendar. Each day until the next to last day of school (the last day is party day!) is a letter of the alphabet with a theme that starts with that letter. Today was letter N so we are over halfway to the end! :)

I wanted to share with you what we have done so far! I have been out a few days over the past few weeks so I don't have pictures for everything.

A - A day was Amazing Animals Day! You have seen more than enough animal fun already! :) I also let the kids bring their favorite stuffed animal and they got to share it with the class.

B- B day was Buoyant Boat Day! The kids got to create their own boat out of foil and see how many bears it could hold before sinking.

C- C Day was Creating Colors day! We used paints (red, yellow, blue) to create new colors (orange, green, purple). After we made new colors, I let the kids do a free-for-all paint session. It was pretty awesome. :)

D- D day (no we did not learn about WWII) was Daring Dinosaur Day! In my previous post you saw the cute dinosaur glyphs and dinosaur stories we did.

E- E day was Exciting Earth Day! We talked a lot about recycling, reusing and reducing and what examples of each of these would be. We also watched some SWEET Curious George videos on helping the earth. I love that monkey! :) I also had my kids draw a picture of the earth...check out how one of my students (on the left) views Texas as its own continent. :)

F- F day was Family Fun Day! The kids were able to bring family photos and I had them draw a picture of their families. Here are a couple examples:

G- G Day was Glorious Graphing Day was all about graphing. We did several graphs throughout the day (our favorite animals, shapes graph, etc) and talked about what was chosen the most, least if any were equal.

H- H Day was Heart Healthy Day. We all got to wear exercise clothes and we did lots of active things throughout the day. We talked about how important it is to exercise in order to stay healthy. We started the day with yoga (I have a Kids' yoga CD and cards with kid poses) and I wish I could show you pictures. The kids were awesome! :) We played games outside with our Book Buddies (a 2nd grade class we read with each Friday). We also had a nice long recess. :)

More to come! Stay Tuned!

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